Which Side Up?

19 February 2010 | Uncategorized
©2010 Tom Haymes

©2010 Tom Haymes

I bought myself a fisheye lens with my Christmas money this year. As a bit of a wide angle nut, it seemed like a logical choice. I am still working on visualizing with it but in the mean time I am having a lot of fun playing with its possibilities (probably too much fun, actually).

This is the first image that I thought was truly successful. There is no PhotoShopping (other than black-and-white conversion) in this image. Going across Post Oak Blvd. in the Galleria area of Houston there are these curved, polished tubes that are highly reflective (you can see another one on the right of the right of the frame). In order to create the image, I placed my camera up against one of the tubes to make this exposure and got a kind of double distortion from both the tubes and the fisheye effect out of it.

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